Monday, May 30, 2005

Reunion Enjoyed By All -- Turnout Was Great!

Here's a quick post at the end of the Memorial Day weekend to report that the reunion was a great success, with a surprisingly large turnout. My unofficial count was 78 classmates, and the Saturday night dinner crowd with relatives and friends swelled to around 130 or so.

By 30th reunion standards, that qualifies as huge. And the fun certainly qualified as extraordinary. We had great programs, excellent food (lobster!) and the final Sunday morning Conversation provided enough inspiration to keep everyone going for another five years.

I will have more to say, as I compile my final set of Class Notes later this week. Thanks to Grant Haskell for a great party, and thanks to all who came and communed at TD.


Blogger Donn Randall said...

Reunion was great - and, as always, in unexpected ways. Who knew that conversations in the halls of Morrow could provide such interest? Or, who knew what a diverse group we were and have become? Many thanks to Jim, Grant and the tireless committee for having arranged it all. See you all in 5! Donn

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