Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Time for More 'Notes'

Now that we have a blog, it seems so "old-fashioned" to solicit news for a PRINT publication! But, alas, the quarterly duty calls, and I must seek news from the class for the alumni magazine that will appear around the time of the reunion. So, even though we have real-time interaction, we must publish the hard way, too, to keep all the offline folks informed.

I must tell you that the quarterly Notes duty is very frustrating. I solicit the news four months ahead of publication, and before the magazine comes out (sometimes on schedule), the previous quarter's edition appears, causing everyone to think that I have ignored their contributions.

I have solved the problem somewhat by posting the Notes on our class Web page, but that's behind a firewall and doesn't get much traffic.

And, at least for the next edition, print is the medium of choice, since we will be reuniting on campus, and those not reuniting will wish they were (and want to read about everyone they'll miss seeing).

So, send me an e-mail at, or just blog it and I'll pick the news off the blog.


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