Saturday, April 16, 2005

It's Time to Commit!

You will soon hear from reunion chair Grant Haskell, asking you to commit to the big event.

Here is how Grant himself describes the delights that await you, if you make the right choice:

(a) that spectacular New England campus that you know like the back of your hand and may love even more than you realize;

(b) those familiar fellow travelers, some you know, some you don't, but all shaped by that same odd, wonderful world that was Amherst in the '70s;

(c) a host of programs to choose from, ranging from security threat analysis by Amherst's three former directors of the CIA to comedy routines by our own Larry Miller;

(d) two "Conversations" arranged by Jim Kennedy just for our class in which we will have the chance to talk of many things big and small, of cabbages and kings, and whether pigs have wings;

(e) unending feasts of Bar-B-Q and lobsters, steaks and vegetarian delights -- none emanating from Valentine and all accompanied by "top-shelf" libations;

(f) attractive souvenirs ingeniously designed to combat weight gain in coming years (i.e., polo shirts tastefully emblazoned with Peter Wise's "A ’75" logo that will induce shame if they become tight);

(g) diverse sports and recreational offerings that utilize all the facilities of the college and that may also include a class bike ride for families on the “new” bike trail or a class hike up the (old) Holyoke Range; and, perhaps most important,

(h) the sort of discovery and joy that cannot be precisely predicted but that we know from experience is – at Amherst – all but guaranteed.

Please make your plans right away. We look forward to seeing you. And please let me know your further ideas for "Conversation" topics. Blog all your thoughts. It's not too late.


Blogger Scott Vayer said...

Hi Jim,

You have done a wonderful job creating and maintaining this blog page -- apparently in the web wilderness! (So few '75 bloggers -- perhaps alums are browsing without comment? I would have thought Amherst was full of communicative techies.)

Re your challenge -- the Vayer family hereby commits! My wife Heidi, and daughters, Zoe (11) and Olivia (9), will be joining me for the reunion.

We arrive Friday from New York and will stay the weekend! For anyone who wants to reach us -- we'll be camped out at the Hotel Northampton.

I am a transplant from Class of '74, so last year my family and I attended '74's 30-year event. I can vouch for Grant Haskell's bold claim that one leaves an Amherst reunion with new bounce in your step. It's true, and I'm coming back for more!

We are looking forward to hearing John Treat's thoughts on teaching college today -- and of his sojourn from Amherst to Yale.

Larry Miller gives my whole family endless delight many times every year. We are avid fans!

I also look forward to seeing you in person! What we have been unable to manage across the Rock Center skating rink, we will accomplish in Massachussetts!

If anyone wants to reach me to make advance plans, my email is See you soon.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Donn Randall said...

Fear of commitment - not any more! My check is in the mail, I have requested fabulous college accommodations aand I should be all set. lat time, we stayed in stearns just before the renovations. My wife was somewhat apalled, as was I - they had become triples instead of the doubles of our era. She was even more appalled when our daughter ended up living there! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Donn
P.S. Anyone else interested in some golf on Friday morning or even Saturday if we can get some tee times??

5:04 PM  
Blogger Donn Randall said...


5:06 PM  
Blogger Jim Kennedy said...

It will be great to finally see Scott Vayer. Incredibly, after being only a block away from each other for some years, the AP moved its headquarters to the far west side late last year.

So, now we are worlds apart. Hope to bridge all the gaps come May in Amherst.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Eitan Fenson said...

I'm in. This reunion will be particularly special for me because my 18 year-old daughter Zoe has just been accepted and decided to attend Amherst as a Freshman next fall. She's lobbying to come with me next month too. I look forward to another in a sequence of periodic nostalgic boosts.

7:25 PM  
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