Saturday, April 30, 2005

Disappointing Signup So Far -- Let's Go!

If the pace of signups does not accelerate -- significantly -- the 30th reunion may turn out to be a very intimate affair, indeed. The number registered is lower than any 30th reunion class in recent memory, so we are in danger of making history.

Alas, some may not have received any solicitations by mail yet, because the college reports some problems with the snail-mail delivery.

If you did not receive a college or class mailing, below are the vital links to what you need:

The schedule is here: SCHEDULE
General info is here: INFO
The housing form is here: HOUSING

Please make an effort to attend if you can. Five years is a long time to wait for the next go-round.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another Vista You Could Soon See


I think this Amherst shot is a springtime one. But if it isn't, it still suffices to entice you back to campus for the 30th. You must all have gotten your stuff in the mail. So, now's the time to commit.

I've heard from several who are coming. I'm batting two out of four roommates so far. Carver and Mooty are apparently in. West Coasters, Harriman and Jenkins, maybe not.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

It's Time to Commit!

You will soon hear from reunion chair Grant Haskell, asking you to commit to the big event.

Here is how Grant himself describes the delights that await you, if you make the right choice:

(a) that spectacular New England campus that you know like the back of your hand and may love even more than you realize;

(b) those familiar fellow travelers, some you know, some you don't, but all shaped by that same odd, wonderful world that was Amherst in the '70s;

(c) a host of programs to choose from, ranging from security threat analysis by Amherst's three former directors of the CIA to comedy routines by our own Larry Miller;

(d) two "Conversations" arranged by Jim Kennedy just for our class in which we will have the chance to talk of many things big and small, of cabbages and kings, and whether pigs have wings;

(e) unending feasts of Bar-B-Q and lobsters, steaks and vegetarian delights -- none emanating from Valentine and all accompanied by "top-shelf" libations;

(f) attractive souvenirs ingeniously designed to combat weight gain in coming years (i.e., polo shirts tastefully emblazoned with Peter Wise's "A ’75" logo that will induce shame if they become tight);

(g) diverse sports and recreational offerings that utilize all the facilities of the college and that may also include a class bike ride for families on the “new” bike trail or a class hike up the (old) Holyoke Range; and, perhaps most important,

(h) the sort of discovery and joy that cannot be precisely predicted but that we know from experience is – at Amherst – all but guaranteed.

Please make your plans right away. We look forward to seeing you. And please let me know your further ideas for "Conversation" topics. Blog all your thoughts. It's not too late.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Program Is Taking Shape

The programs for reunion weekend are taking shape. Doug McNeish, our program director, has pulled together some good panel discussions on career change, technology and medicine, among other topics. Details soon.

Those panels will be part of the overall college schedule for the weekend, so we can share thoughts with the other classes in attendance. On our own, back at reunion HQ, we also plan some more informal programs, including the "Conversations" I've been promoting on this blog.

My current plan is to conduct those Conversations in two parts -- one after dinner on Friday night to get things moving and then a wrapup on Sunday morning. Both will be modeled after the Sunday morning session we had under the tent five years ago. We decided to have two sessions, at the beginning and end of the weekend, to try to involve as many people as possible. Please plan to participate in one or both!

It goes without saying, but I'll say it: The time is NOW to make your plans, particularly if you want to get housing on campus. There's a lot of construction under way, so space is tight.

Please blog any questions or thoughts and I'll try to answer.